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Our Special Services

The Lady's Choice Center for Women, Inc. offers these services to special targeted populations. Domestic violence, Autism, and Business consulting are our signature programs contact for an appointment.

"Write the Vision"
Business Consulting 

Consulting Service for Children with Autism and ABA (Applied Behavioral Analyst) Certification Training

"Life Support"
Domestic Violence Support Group

*Independent Contracting
*Business Consulting 
*Community Event Planning
* Non-Profit Setup 
*Help Develop Organizational Policies
*Obtaining EIN Number
*Craft Adopting Bylaws
*Program Facilitator for Businesses, Organizations, and Companies
*Total Service Management


We all  love our children just the way they are.  But we also know some children need that extra care and understanding.  We offer this service to parents who are concerned that their child may need that extra care and understanding. Contact us to speak with our autism professional.  We understand and want your child to be successful.

"Life Support" is a monthly support group for women who has been in a domestic violence relationship and needs help dealing with the trauma and pain that comes along that experience. The group also discuss other topics that women may encounter as they navigate through life levels, such as divorce, self-preservation, and parenting issues. 

Chelsea Holdings International is a global management company headquartered in Jacksonville Florida, with offices in Delaware and Liberia Africa. Chelsea is a diverse and innovative holding company that aims to provide premier services in various industries. At Chelsea Holdings, our mission is to build and nurture these services, ensuring profitability and success while making a positive impact on individuals, industries, and communities worldwide.



  1. Cybersecurity Training and Monitoring: Objective: Our primary goal is to offer comprehensive and cutting-edge cybersecurity training programs for individuals and organizations. By equipping them with essential knowledge and skills, we strive to increase their cyber resilience, reduce vulnerabilities, and protect valuable data and information from cyber threats.

  2. Life Coaching: Objective: We aim to empower individuals by offering professional life coaching services. Through personalized guidance and support, our certified coaches help clients set and achieve their personal and professional goals, overcome challenges, and unlock their fullest potential for a more fulfilling and successful life. 

  3. Agriculture Business: Objective: With a focus on sustainable and efficient agriculture practices, our objective is to establish and nurture profitable agricultural ventures. We aim to contribute to food security, promote environmentally friendly farming techniques, and create opportunities for growth and profitability in the agricultural sector. 

  4. Healthcare Services: Objective: We are committed to delivering high-quality healthcare services that prioritize patient well-being. Our objective is to provide accessible and comprehensive healthcare solutions, The primary objective of a home health services provider is to deliver top-notch, personalized care to patients in the comfort of their own homes. This includes skilled nursing care, rehabilitative services, therapeutic care, and assistance with daily living activities, with the ultimate goal of improving the health and well-being of patients.

  5. Financial Technology: Objective: Within the realm of financial technology, our objective is to develop and offer innovative financial solutions. Through the power of technology and digital platforms, we aim to enhance financial inclusion, streamline transactions, improve access to capital, and promote financial literacy for individuals and businesses alike.

International Holding Company 


The Lady’s Choice Crisis Intervention and Resource Center, was founded in 2003 in Fayetteville North Carolina and is exclusively dedicated to the teaching, building, and empowering strong
women of all ages...... 

The Lady's Choice Center for Women, Inc. 
"Woman by Gender, Lady by Choice"

Welcome to Our Site


Lady's Choice has multiple programs  we offer to prepare every woman of any age for perpetual life success, becoming contributing citizens of society and for full participation as leaders in the 21st Century.....

Meet Our Leadership Team


Helen is a vocal advocate for women and a very valuable asset  in the low income areas of the city. Her strengths are in Management, Community Development, Strategic Planning and Resource development. Passionate about healing underserved communities. 

  • CEO/Founder, Executive Director, Lady's Choice Center for Women: This is exclusively dedicated to the educating, empowering, and building strong women of all ages.   2003-present.

  • Ordained as a Minister 2014

  • Published Author 

  • Advocate for Domestic Violence Victims and their Children

  • Founder, Executive Director, Simply Solutions Consulting 2013-present

  • Community Coordinator/Organizer for low income Properties. Fostering positive partnerships/relationships between Duval County community agencies and organizations that will best assist low to income residents and their families.

  • President of CAB (Client Advisory Board) JALA (Jacksonville Legal Aid)

  • Executive Board Member (JALA- Jacksonville Area Legal Aid )

  • 2017-2022


  • Behavioral Mental Health  Agency 2015-2023 serving as a Board Member

  • Behavioral Mental Health HUD Board 2015- present serving as a Board Member

Me in blue.JPEG

Ms. Helen L. Watson
CEO/Founder/Executive Director

Shantel pic.jpg

Mrs. Shante'l Davis

Board President

Mrs. Davis holds a degree in  Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management from Eastern Florida State College. Mrs. Davis has been employed with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office

for over 15 years. 

 Titusville, Florida

A'Londa Pic.jpg

Ms. A'Londa Barber
Board Member
CEO/ Founder of LonnieB Creative Designs,

Brandologist, International Best Selling Author,

Radio Show Host, and Community Advocate.
DeSoto, Texas

Ms. Judith Crooke
Board Member
Mental Health Professional
Program Supervisor/Social Worker

 Behavioral Health Services 

Jacksonville, Florida


Wendy Headshot.jpg

Ms. Wendy Rahman,

Board Member
Senior I.T. Technician 

University of North Florida

 International Honor Society Member

 Phi Theta Kappa/

Upsilon Eta

Jacksonville, Florida

Mrs. Tracy Smith

Board Member
Clinical Social Worker

Community Volunteer 
Jacksonville, Florida

Ms. Shandrea Colson

Board Member

Founder Help A Mommy Project for Mothers and Feeding Hands and Hearts for the Homeless.

Community Advocate 

Jacksonville, Florida

Ms. Geraldine Briscoe

Board Member

Philanthropist, CEO, Domestic Violence Advocate,

Federal Correctional Officer

Saluda, SC City Council Member, Community Speaker

Tucson, Arizona 






Mr. Kendell Davis

Board Member

Senior Master Sergeant

U.S. Air Force

Enlisted leader in a joint military organization.

Advises Senior Leaders in his unit. He operates in a diverse and complex operational environment, supporting all aspects of Air Force operations to ensure U.S. dominance in air, space, and cyberspace.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Strategic Intelligence from the National Intelligence University and Master of Science International  Relations.

A member of Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity Inc. 

and Omega Nu Lamdba.

Fort Bragg, NC











Gerri Ford.jpg

Mrs. Geraldine Ford- Harden,
Board Advisor
Founder & Executive Director of ALPHA Starz, Inc.
Community Advocate, Executive City Council Assistant,  Northwest Jacksonville CDC Community Engagement

Jacksonville, Florida


Mr. Eddie Hatcher
Board Advisor

Jacksonville, Fl

Mr. Omari Smith
Board Advisor

Atlanta, Ga

Not Pictured

Ms. Paula O. Jackson
Board Advisor

Jacksonville, Fl

latrice pic.jpg

Latrice, Former PV Member

Hi Im Latrice, a former member of the Project Virtue group. This was of the best groups I have ever been in. Everything was about love,positivity and purpose. Im still using things I learned here in everyday life such as etiquette, manners, respecting yourself and others, helping others, etc.

Faith pic.jpg

Faith, Former PV Member

Being apart of ladies choice created a sense of awareness that I have carried with me throughout my life. From learning how to overcome the dangers teens face in the world everyday, all the way to how to create a resume in preparation for an interview.  The information I was able to absorb are things I have educated my own children on and eventually their children. The program created a safe zone for my peers and I to discuss those topics that many feel uncomfortable discussing with most adults. Being affiliated with such an uplifting and positive group is something many could benefit from. Those who feel they have no one in their corner, those who may be heading down the wrong path, or simply one who just needs some type of guidance. I would definitely recommend being apart of something as powerful as Lady's Choice. I am forever grateful for the bonds I created as well as the barriers I’ve been able to tare down because of Lady's


Carolyn pic.jpg

Carolyn, Former PV Member

My name is Carolyn Adams and I am now a 32 year old woman that was once apart of “ ladies choice “. I was in high school when I joined and it was one of the best decisions I made in life . The founder Helen  provided us with so many opportunities that I never saw my self having such as , an etiquette class, planned parenthood classes( not like the boring generic  ones in high school ). While apart of ladies choice I was also given the opportunity to view the body of Coretta Scott King . I will be honest at that time I didn’t appreciate it lol, but now I’m thankful for that opportunity. I also met some amazing girls whom I now call my sisters . Ladies choice was a weekly get away from all that was going on and a night to let your hair down safely and have fun with other young ladies , but it was also full of learning opportunities and experiences.

Our Board Members and Advisors

Former Project Virtue Leadership Group Members

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

11950 Camden Road
Jacksonville, Florida 32218

Phone: 904-372-3965

Facebook: The Lady's Choice Center for Women, Inc.


YouTube Channel: My Story with Helen Hooper


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My True Story of Domestic Violence

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