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About Lady's Choice

The Lady’s Choice Crisis Intervention and Resource Center, was founded in 2003 in Fayetteville North Carolina and is exclusively dedicated to the teaching, building, and empowering strong women of all ages.   Womanhood is a time of uncertainty, pressure, and sometimes turmoil.  Women have to be given the proper tools, life skills, and strategies to make positive precise decisions concerning their lives no matter their age.  Becoming a woman can make one vulnerable and open to life’s unfair attacks and unseen obstacles.  We believe without proper guidance, education and cultivating of women our society will lose valuable leaders of tomorrow and continue to lose precious mothers and daughters to the negative influences and tumult issues that plague women today.   The Lady’s Choice Crisis Center promotes high scholastics, mental/physical wellness, morals, and ethical standards which are the foundation of our program.  

Our primary goal is to prepare every woman no matter what age for perpetual life success, becoming contributing citizens of society and for full participation as leaders in the 21st Century.  We believe that women need to be given guidance, nurturing, encouragement, and most of all hope in order to reach their fullest potential.   We are empowering women to be steadfast in their quest for success, while teaching them the importance of education, building strong family bonds, accountability, responsibility, serving in their community, and being persistent in reaching set goals.  Because The Lady’s Choice Crisis Intervention and Resource Center believes that a self-confidence knowledgeable woman has the greatest potential for success, life skills and education are most paramount.  Women need a positive outlet for self-expression, to learn the ideals of womanhood and to develop and practice acceptable ways of social behavior, which will set the framework of high standards, morals, and self-respect.

The Lady’s Choice Center also has a program and dedicated to men “Gentleman’s Choice”.  Men are the foundation of our families. We need men to take their rightful place as the head of the family, this means being a father, a provider, a protector as well as a leader, the builder of the family.  We are assisting with the building of stronger families and stronger communities.  We offer mentoring workshops, counseling, social and life skills training.   

Lady’s Choice Center offers the opportunity for women to develop a positive self image while gaining life management, leadership, social, and communication skills.  We assist these ladies in making positive decisions concerning their personal endeavors therefore becoming effective future leaders, successful business women, precise decision makers, knowledgeable wives and nurturing mothers.  We believe there is greatness in every woman, we celebrate them and measure success one woman at a time.


Our Leadership
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Helen Watson Founder/CEO |

 While living in North Carolina for 17 years I got to experience first hand the devastation of domestic violence and it's lasting effects on women/families.  It impedes purpose, derails promise, and thwarts hope.  In 2003 I founded the Lady's Choice Crisis Intervention and Resource Center for women of all ages, unpon moving back to Florida we changed our name to The Lady's Choice Center for Women, Inc. I have over 25 yrs of human service experience and  have worked with transitional housing programs for women and their children in domestic violence situations, female juvenile offenders/courts, military wives/families, ministries, companies, and organizations that are in need of our products and services.  We are foundation layers, capacity builders, agents of change committed to building strong individuals, companies, communities, organizations and ministries through leadership development, civic engagement, cross-cultural dialogue, and collaborative partnerships. I am also a consult to non profit organizations, businesses, ministries, and private owners.  We are dedicated to maximizing the potential of every life we touch.

Carla McNabb COO |

My name is Carla McNabb and I’m excited to be embarking on this journey. I was an original participant of Lady’s Choice's Project Virtue Mentoring Program when the group originated back in 2003 before going off to college.


I’m always eager for the opportunity to learn from individuals from all walks of life and look forward to doing so while helping out in any way that I can.  My educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the illustrious North Carolina A&T State University, but I’m currently working in the Behavioral Health field as an ABA therapist assisting and growing with children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder which I earned my Master's Degree in Behavior Analysis.

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