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Lady's Choice has multiple programs we offer to prepare every woman of any age for perpetual life success, becoming contributing citizens of society and for full participation as leaders in the 21st Century Among the Services we Provide:

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Weekly Group Sessions
•Educational & Motivational Speakers
•Community Service & Volunteer Opportunities
•Mother & Daughter Luncheons, Teas, and Workshops
•Leadership Training for women, and young adults
•Educational Workshops
•College Tours

•Social Events
•Support Group for Women
•Group Outings
•Etiquette Sessions

Services Available

  • Non-Profit Business and Consulting Services

  • Autism Consulting and Services for Children

•Traditional Crisis Counseling
•Mentoring/Leadership Training
•Spiritual Counseling
•“Life Support” Monthly Women Support Group
•Etiquette Training for all ages
•Parenting Classes
•Health and Wellness 
•Domestic Violence Education 
•And more


 Available Programming​​​​

 •Lady’s First Inc. Leadership for Women

  • "Rubies" for At Risk Girls

•“ROQ" Redeeming Our Queens Mentoring Program for Young Ladies 18-25 yrs
•Project Virtue Mentoring for Young Ladies 14 yrs -17 yrs
•“Life Support” Monthly Support Group for Women 18yrs and up
•Social Butterflies Etiquette for Girls 7yrs-11yrs

First Lady
This program is designed to cultivate the beautiful jewel God called woman. She is graceful and Feminine: A genteel lady. Genteel Ladies are ladies with elegance, style, are very polite and has an appearance of superior status.
She is refinement along with grace, elegance, royalty, and something special to behold. We provide teaching and training for women who are going forward and need a positive place to be mentored to the next level of their lives.
Sessions consist of setting goals, money matters, having purpose, being a Godly woman, virtues, knowing your worth, positive/negative relationships, conflict resolution, and other essential sessions designed to help walk women to their life victories.

Project Virtue Mentoring Program for Girls 14yrs-17yrs
This program is designed to cultivate virtue, provoke excellence in education, inspire sisterhood, instill responsibility and leadership. This group is composed of young ladies who have consciously chosen this affiliation as a means of self-fulfillment through education, responsibility, and volunteer service. Although Project Virtue is a leadership organization cultivating virtue, high scholastics and ethical standards are the foundation of our program; we promote unity and friendship among the young ladies to help alleviate problems concerning teen girls. Our primary goal for this program is to prepare young ladies for perpetual success and for full participation as leaders in the 21st Century.

“Rubies” Program for At Risk Girls
Rubies are truly exquisite and extremely rare jewels. Only found in places where there has been a traumatic event within the earth. Only under intense heat, pressure, and special conditions are RUBIES produced. The “Rubies” program is designed to be an immediate intervention for teen girls from the ages of 11-17yrs who are involved in the juvenile justice system or at risk of becoming involved in risky behaviors that will impact their lives in a negative manner which will alter life success.

“Life Support”
The word tells us “We Overcome by the words of our Testimony” We as woman bare crosses that do not belong to us and pay dues that we never owed. Some are strong enough to overcome these challenges with the strength that God placed inside every woman. But then there are others who need to be nurtured back to wholeness,”Life Support” is designed for that purpose. This support group for women ages 18yrs and up is designed to help walk women to their be healed, to be delivered from area strongholds that has set them up for failure. No matter the issue we want every woman to feel safe and comfortable to share with other women who maybe experiencing the same issue (s). We are there to listen, not to judge, and to give the proper assistance and guidance needed to start the healing process. Domestic violence, Rape, Incest, Children issues, Addiction, Spiritual issues, Marriage issues, we are here to help bring about positive noticeable life changes.

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