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What is redeeming Our Queens?

Redeem our Queens is a program geared towards a community of young women between the ages of 12-28 years old who may need redirecting and/or young women who would like the encouragement to rise above a generation where the act of being a young women isn’t as polished as it once was.

Redeem our Queens, referred to as The ROQ, also serves as a solid platform for young women to support and empower each other by working through various current issues collectively. This group will allow the voluntary contribution of personal experiences as well as teachings within a judgement free zone in hopes to help a sister in need.

The agenda of a woman in this era is ever changing. The ROQ gives young women the opportunity to rewrite the comradery amongst women narrative in today’s society in an open forum setting. The primary goal is to build a sisterhood among peers that will assist each other and enable us not to just support one another, but to also hold each other accountable in a respectful manner for an overall awarding and positive outcome for our community without
shying away from the high scholastics, mental/physical wellness, morals, and ethical standards that Lady’s Choice encompasses.

Carla McNabb, COO

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- Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration,  North Carolina A&T State University,
-ABA therapist assisting children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

A 2003 participant of Lady’s Choice  Carla serves and learns from individuals from all walks of life while helping out in any way that she can.


Natalia Hall, Programs Coordinator/Facilitator

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-Bio Coming Soon


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